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Yo, cybersurfers! Welcome to ARGnet, esteemed purveyor of quality stuff since 1997. This site is a relic from the days when people made their own homepages. It is written in an ancient form of HTML. 2017 update: Now HTML5 compliant!

ARGnet contains loads of interesting stuff, assuming you're the kind of weirdo who is interested in the same kinds of stuff as me, which you're probably not. Most of this site was written in 1997/98. Now that I am older, wiser, more mature and generally just more awesome, I find the writing style of my old self quite embarrassing at times. I also find myself annoyed at the way I used to overuse the ellipsis... This site used to be updated on a regular basis, but now it isn't as I can't be arsed any more. See my Twitter if you want to know I'm thinking these days.

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Arganoid's comedy page. Click here to look at some of the humourous short stories/plays that I have written.

Information on repetitive strain injury (RSI) and voice strain

Arganoid's Captain Blood Worship Page... Loads of stuff on the subject of the most nostalgic (for me, at least) computer game of all time.

The Atari ST Scene page - loads of info on old ST demos and stuff about the various ST emulators.

The Pilsbry homepage: Information on the games I have written, including Partition Sector - a Bomberman-style game for Windows.

ARGanoid's GFX page... A collection of cool pictures, or at least some pictures I thought were cool years ago.

I used to write reviews and stuff about videogames, but the page hasn't been updated in many years.

The ancient blog

Look at this video wot I made!

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