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Pilsbry is now Arganoid Industries


What is Pilsbry?

Pilsbry is the label under which I, Arganoid, used to sometimes (well, rarely) release PC shareware/freeware games. Any future releases will happen under a different brand.

Why is it called Pilsbry?

My nickname at school was 'Pilsbry', after the Pillsbury Dough Boy. The person who coined this name wasn't very good at spelling.

What things has Pilsbry created in the past?

Atari ST (click here for more details and downloads)


Non-Pilsbry games

I worked on the following games as a designer/programmer at Frontier Developments:

Misc Downloads

tron97.zipTRON 97: My first ever PC game, written in Microsoft Quick C - not a good compiler for writing games, but was all I had at the time. On modern PCs, tends to run very badly, being either unplayably fast or unplayably slow, if it works at all.154Kb
redalert.zipSome multiplayer Red Alert maps I made back in '97. Some are good, some are not so good, some are just a bit of fun. There are 11 maps in this tiny ZIP file.29.6Kb
arganoid.zipThe ARGANOID patch for Quake 1. A cool patch which tweaks Quake's gameplay, with the purpose of making it twice as fun... Single player and deathmatch.138Kb
smelly.zipThe SMELLY patch for Quake 1. This was the first Quake patch I wrote. When you run it, your character will suddenly develop severe body odour. This will have a very interesting effect on the game... Single player only.123Kb
argdem2.zipA fun demo for Quake 2.192Kb
argdem3.zipThe 'remastered' version of argdem2...186Kb
Stupid ArenaStupid Arena for Quake II - click to go to the homepage.N/A

Note that the text files supplied with these things are very old and out of date...

If you download any of this shite, mail me. It'd be nice to know if anyone actually looks at this page.

If for some strange reason you want the source code to the Quake patches, that can be arranged.

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